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In her university years, Saki taught Japanese to foreign nationals as a volunteer. After working in an English conversation school, she joined Peach as a cabin crew where she endeavors "to deliver satisfaction to every passenger" through everyday courtesy and hospitality.


We need to take particular care of our physical condition on night flights.

There are night flights running from dusk until late at night, so it's extremely important to properly look after our health. Food and sleep are especially vital. We're conscious of everything from using fragrant hand creme in order to get a good night's sleep the day before, to making sure to have a nutritious breakfast.


PM22:00Desk Work

Made it to the airport safely! A sigh of relief with fruit.

Our concern during the night shift is to complete the flight safely and ensure that we eventually get to sleep. There's sometimes desk work to finish back at the office, and on those occasions, I drink herbal tea made with plenty of dried fruit. The bittersweet flavors and fragrance of the fruit are fresh and invigorating, warding off sleepiness, so it makes me feel refreshed following the fatigue from the flight. It's one small comfort that lets me breathe a sigh of relief after completing a flight requiring a lot of concentration.


PM23:30Good night

The next flight is in the morning. Resting is part of work, too.

Shifts alternate between morning and night flights, so our sleep patterns in between are important. It is an irregular lifestyle but in order to serve customers in peak condition every time, there are many things you can anticipate and plan for. Relaxing on days off is one of those. Those who can make it through every day drive the cabin crew's performance.


Hear it from the experts!What are the benefits of eating fruit in the evening?

Vegetable Sommelier Noriko Inoue

Worked for an airline as cabin crew for eight years before entering the world of "food". Currently chair of the Le Salon de Ciel culinary school doing product development with businesses and running vegetable workshops - has even appeared on TV.

Refresh the body and mind! Replenish vitamins for anti-aging throughout the night.

Free radicals - a cause of aging - are generated by stress and tiredness throughout the day. This process is inhibited by antioxidants such as vitamin C, which is abundant in strawberries and kiwi fruits. As the body excretes less of these during sleep, replenishing vitamins at night is said to extend the duration for which they remain in the body. Eating ten strawberries a day is thought to be approximately enough to provide the necessary vitamin C supplement. Kiwi fruits are also full of enzymes that aid digestion, so eating them together with meat will avoid indigestion.

Noriko's recommendation!Evening Fruit Recipes

Strawberry Cheese Mousse

The fragrance and bittersweet flavors of fresh strawberries are a perfect match for mild cheese cream! Kinokawa strawberries are not just exceptionally sweet but are also brimming with juice, making them all the more delicious.

Kiwi and Chicken Marinade

The acidity of the kiwi fruit combines with the chicken to form a refreshing dish. When you mix them raw, the digestive enzymes in the kiwi fruit will be absorbed. Kinokawa kiwi fruits taste not just acidic but also truly sweet.

Peach cabin crew's experiences Kinokawa Fruits

Saki says she has taken to eating sweet things on her days off -
so we gave her Kinokawa's exemplary strawberries and kiwis to try!

The sweetness of the strawberries hits you and they are so juicy! And of course the kiwis' lighter parts are sweet, but even towards the skin, the sweetness is amazing! I ate them all up.


The fruits are large and have an enjoyable, rich flavor. They are full of sweet fruit juice, which goes perfectly with their refreshing acidity.


Renowned across the country for their outstanding high sugar content, the "Urehime" variety has an average of over 13.5°Bx. The deep green hue of their skin reflects their intensity in flavor.

About Kinokawa City

Situated in the north of Wakayama prefecture, many different varieties of fruit are cultivated all year round. The secret to such delights is a soil rich in minerals and the temperature difference between day and night. Fruits packed with sweetness and flavor can be enjoyed at any time.